Our Story

I am Sara, the owner’s house, and I would like to touch you deeply inside during your holidays: touching you with an enchanting culture, touching you with a pure living style, gentle and homelike.

This house keeps the breath of a great love: my grandparent’s love, living here time ago and passing by it to me, as a golden treasure that I preserve in times coming.

The essence of their simple, gentle, kind life, lived within the rhythm of nature, is the link itself to this beautiful future, full of thanksgiving values.

My grandparents they have lived with intensity, they met time ago Nath and Phil and they have shared together the pursuit of saving the value of any beauty on old things, mixing it with the touch of modernity and comfort. Today, I am the one working on it, with Nath and Phil also, to whom I am linked forever thanks to a deep friendship besides our passion for our roots and our work together with the purpose of changing our holidays’ guests into something more called unforgettable Idillio.

Our Country House grows looking for a marriage between HOLIDAYS AND LIFE, a non stopping search of wellbeing, happiness and harmony.

And this is why any of you getting here to my home or to Nath and Phil’s home, will find written on the wall, thoughts that are talking to you about a part of our life and that is telling you our wish of taking care of you more than you could ever expected or imagine.